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Spice up your Notion dashboards with this formula

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I make Notion templates to help anyone who wants to use Notion as their daily driver. My goal is to create things that can help at least one other person
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Spice up your Notion dashboards with this formula
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Ever wanted your pages within Notion to shuffle on their own? Either you want to shuffle your revision flashcards or have a view of your Notion database that updates on its own then this is just for you!
Here are some Notion pages that you can use this in… - Revision flashcards 📖 - Vision Board ✨ - Travel Images 🗺️ - Inspirational Quotes 💬 - Archived Pages 📦 You can select from the following time ⏰ settings of reshuffling every… - 1 minute - 2 minutes - 17 minutes - 3 hours - 1 day So what are you waiting for? Time to spice up your Notion dashboards!

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